5 Oral Health Tools Every Woman Should Own

Your smile is important to you. Oral health care is not only a necessary component of your beauty routine, but it is also a crucial factor in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Sure you brush and floss, but are you missing something? Here are 5 important oral health tools every woman should own. 

1. Mouthwash: Sometimes brushing and flossing does not reach all the crevices in your mouth where food hides. Rinsing with mouthwash is a great way to rid your mouth of hidden food particles, prevent plaque and gingivitis, and have fresh breath. If you aren’t already using mouthwash, consider picking up a bottle on your next shopping trip. You can even keep a travel size bottle in your make-up bag to use before big meetings to give your mouth a clean, refreshed feeling. 

2. Dental Pick: Having a dental pick in the medicine cabinet can come in handy should you have a large particle stuck between teeth where regular floss simply won’t reach. Dental picks are easier to manipulate and make it easy to keep your mouth free of cavity causing debris. Dental picks should not replace the use of regular dental floss though.

3. Mouth Mirror: A mouth mirror is the same kind of small, round mirror that your dentist uses to examine your teeth and gums. Every woman should own a mouth mirror in order to check for any problems in between regular dental check-ups. Mouth mirrors allow you to reflect light into the dark corners of your mouth to ensure that you are brushing and flossing properly. 

4. Tongue Brush: Brushing your tongue is one of the most commonly missed steps in good oral care. Regular tongue brushing reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth, and helps you maintain fresh breath. While many people brush their tongues with their toothbrush, a tongue brush is specially designed to clean the soft tissue of the tongue, and remove plaque effectively. You can rest assured your whole mouth is completely clean by incorporating tongue brushing into your oral care routine. 

5. DIY Teeth Whitener: Perhaps your smile is not as white as you would like it to be, but you don’t have the time to get professional teeth whitening. By keeping a DIY teeth whitening kit in your medicine cabinet, you are always prepared to spruce up your smile for a wedding, job interview, or date night. You can even make your own teeth whitening paste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. 

Your beautiful smile is a huge part of who you are. Help keep it healthy by having all these oral health tools available to use during your daily routine. For any questions on good oral health care in women, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!