Our Advanced Dental Technology

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At Sullivan Family Dental, we are committed to dental excellence! We provide oral healthcare that our patients can feel confident in, and we do that, in part, by offering top-of-the-line dental technology at our office. In this post, we talk about some of the advanced dental technology at our Westwood office!

Tekscan Technology

Tekscan digital occlusal analysis technology allows us to get an accurate sense of your bite force, location, and timing. Utilizing this scanning unit, we can track wear and recession, and are able to plan a custom treatment plan to restore your bite, alleviate pain and discomfort, and prevent damage to the teeth.

CEREC® Dental Crowns

New technology has given crowns, an age-old treatment, new life. With CEREC technology, we can now complete the crown process in its entirety at our office in just one day. That means we can take the images and digital model of your mouth and use that information to create a custom crown in our in-house milling machine, having it ready for placement in nearly no time.

Digital & Panoramic X-Rays

We also offer the latest X-ray technology in our office. These techniques are faster and reduce the amount of radiation exposure. Additionally, these technologies give us a better look at your mouth so we can identify issues like decay below a restoration, cavities, abscesses, tumors, and more.

Intraoral Camera

With our intraoral camera, we can take detailed pictures and show patients a live feed of what we see in their mouth. The camera gives us, and our patients, a close up view that would not otherwise be possible. So not only can this help us better see and diagnose problems, but it’s a superb educational tool and encourages our patients to feel more involved in their care.

Quality Dental Care at Sullivan Family Dental

With a comfortable office offering advanced dental technology and a wide range of dental services, provided by a friendly team that emphasizes the importance of preventive care, we hope you’ll be delighted with Sullivan Family Dental. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit!