5 Ways to Get Affordable Family Dental Care

Aerial view of a cluster of one dollar bills to represent affordable dental care

We understand that it’s not always easy to find exceptional dental care for your entire family that fits your budget. With that in mind, we put together this short list of financial options to help you get the dental care you need!

1. Dental Insurance

There are countless dental benefit plans available from private insurance companies. Your dental benefit plan will cover some procedures fully, and pay a percentage of other procedures. However, certain procedures are not covered by all plans, so before purchasing a plan, it’s important to know which procedures are covered, and which are not. Federally-funded programs that provide dental insurance are Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Medicare applies to those 65 years and older or with specific disabilities, and offers only limited dental coverage; it does not cover most routine dental care or dentures.

Medicaid provides dental benefits to eligible individuals and families, with each state having its own rules regarding who is eligible and what services are covered.

CHIP applies to uninsured children up to age 19. As with Medicaid, each state determines which dental services covered.

2. Private Credit Plans

Third-party financing is also available through various private companies, which enable you to pay your bill in easy-to-manage installments. CareCredit, Lending Club, and Green Sky are three examples. CareCredit works like a credit card, featuring zero interest, and no co-pays or deductibles. Lending Club offers a variety of plans with no payment due for 3 to 7 weeks. Green Sky has customizable plan structures and high credit lines.

3. Dental Schools

High-quality, low-cost dental treatment is also provided by many dental schools. Because the treatment is performed by dental students, it usually takes much longer than at a typical private practice; but don’t worry, it is performed under the close supervision of experienced, licensed dentists.

4. Clinical Trials

Research studies, also known as clinical trials, can also be a good source for free or low-cost dental treatment for the particular condition that is being studied. For example, the National Institutes of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) sometimes seeks volunteers with specific dental, oral, and craniofacial conditions to participate in such trials.

5. Sullivan Family Membership Plan

At Sullivan Family Dental, we offer our own in-house Dental Savers Plan. For one annual fee ($79 for ages 14 and up, and $59 for ages 13 and under), you get 25% off all treatments and procedures. Benefits include:

NO Yearly Maximums
NO Deductibles or Claim Forms
NO Pre-Authorization
NO Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
NO Waiting Periods

To learn more about our Dental Savers Plan, reach out to our friendly team today!