Bathroom Organization Tips

In the rush of getting ready in the morning for work or school, many of us misplace important items like floss and skimp on important daily routines. With a more organized bathroom, you can create a system for taking care of all your hygiene needs, including good oral health practices. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom organized to keep your oral health in good shape!


Maintain a System by Categories

One of the reasons our personal spaces tend to look disorganized and messy is simply because things are not where they belong. If you don’t have a system for keeping your items in the same place, then it is easy to become disorganized. In your bathroom, keep items together that are similar. Keep your hair products in one place, your skin care products in one place, and things that you use daily in one place. When you know where to look, you will never forget your floss again!

Throw Out Unnecessary Items

If you are hoarding unnecessary items that you know you will never use again, then it’s time to either give it away or to toss it. Hoarding will create clutter, and in clutter it is difficult to maintain organization.

Store Non-Bathroom Essentials Elsewhere

Do you keep dirty laundry in your bathroom? What about pajamas, household cleaning products, or other random assorted items? If your bathroom has become more like a storage facility rather than a place to freshen up, then maybe it’s time to reorganize your bathroom so it stores only essentials to ensure you are focused on getting ready rather than on searching for what you need to get ready.

Reward Yourself with a Teeth Cleaning

Now that you’ve got your bathroom in order, it’s time to get your oral health in order! Reward yourself with your biannual teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. Get healthy teeth and gums by calling Sullivan Family Dental today for an appointment!

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