The Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you heard about dental implants? They are an increasingly popular tooth replacement solution if you are missing one tooth, a few teeth, or many teeth. In this blog post, we go over the many benefits of dental implants.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Dental implants are considered a permanent solution to tooth loss, meaning they aren’t removable, like dentures. While they aren’t guaranteed to last for a lifetime, they do last a very long time. With great oral care that keeps your gums and jawbone healthy, you can expect your implants to last upwards of 15 to 25 years!

Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

Another great thing about dental implants is how natural they look. Implants are designed to blend seamlessly into your smile. The restoration attached to the dental implant is either a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures. Your restoration is custom-made to look like natural teeth, leaving you with a brilliant smile that is both beautiful and functional.

Drawing of different configurations of dental implants to replace missing teeth

Comfortable with Simple Maintenance

Not only do implants have a natural look, but they also have a natural feel. Implants are steady and secure so you won’t even notice you have a false tooth. As a result, implants do not have any sort of negative impact on your ability to speak, eat, or smile. Additionally, dental implants do not require any additional care beyond natural teeth. Once the implant surgery is done and you’re healed, you can return to routine flossing and brushing just as you did before you had the dental implant.

Dental Implants in Westwood, KS

The process to get a dental implant starts with a consultation at Sullivan Family Dental, your Westwood dentist. After evaluating your gums, jawbone strength, and oral health habits, and discussing your budget, we’ll let you know if dental implants are the best solution to address your needs. We can explore alternative restoration options if need be.

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Images from Authority Dental under CC 2.0