What Does Laundry Detergent Do to Your Teeth?

Have you been hearing about the Tide POD Challenge? Of course you have. This challenge is like all the other social media challenges in that it is sweeping the internet. While it is unlike its distant cousin the Ice Bucket Challenge, which promotes a charitable cause and doesn’t generally cause harm, it’s similar to the … Continue reading “What Does Laundry Detergent Do to Your Teeth?”

Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Just like you and the rest of your family, your four-footed, furry family member (your dog and/or cat) also has teeth, and you should keep their oral health in mind. In the very same way that food and the bacteria in your saliva combine to create plaque, resulting in tartar if left unaddressed, these concerns … Continue reading “Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?”

Fashion Trends in Teeth: Grillz, Fangs & More!

From grillz to tooth gems, dental accessories are the hot new fashion trend. Made popular by celebrities like Beyonce, Madonna, and Ryan Lochte, these accessories are definitely attention-grabbing, but don’t forget they could affect the health of your smile as well. Grillz First popularized by rappers in the 1980s, grillz have recently made a comeback. … Continue reading “Fashion Trends in Teeth: Grillz, Fangs & More!”