Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation but thanks to modern technology, techniques, and dental sedation, they’re now less stressful and virtually pain-free! Plus, Sullivan Family Dental offers a variety of financial options, such as our Dental Membership Plan, third-party financing through CareCredit, HSAs, and FSAs. In this blog post, we go over a few … Continue reading “Signs You Might Need a Root Canal”

Benefits of Dentures

If you are missing a few teeth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, dentures may be a good option for you to restore your ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence! 1. Cost-Effective Dentures are usually a budget-friendly tooth replacement solution. During your consultation, we will discuss a cost estimate of your treatment … Continue reading “Benefits of Dentures”

Signs You Need a Dental Implant

Do you find yourself avoiding pictures or hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed about missing or damaged teeth? If so, our team can help. While we offer multiple restorative treatments for missing teeth, today we want to focus on dental implants. If any of these situations apply to you, give us a call to schedule … Continue reading “Signs You Need a Dental Implant”

Tooth Extraction Myths

A tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to preserve the overall health of your smile. If Dr. Sullivan decides you need a tooth extraction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. To help you feel more at ease about this restorative procedure, today we’re busting 3 myths about tooth extractions. Myth #1 “A Tooth Extraction … Continue reading “Tooth Extraction Myths”

Should I Get Dental Implants?

Do you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth? You might feel self-conscious when smiling or experience difficulty eating. While partial and full dentures are a great solution for some patients, there is another excellent tooth replacement solution: dental implants. Read on to learn why you should consider dental implants. Natural-Looking In terms of … Continue reading “Should I Get Dental Implants?”

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you heard about dental implants? They are an increasingly popular tooth replacement solution if you are missing one tooth, a few teeth, or many teeth. In this blog post, we go over the many benefits of dental implants. Durable & Long-Lasting Dental implants are considered a permanent solution to tooth loss, meaning they aren’t … Continue reading “The Benefits of Dental Implants”

Silver Diamine Fluoride vs. Cavities

Did you know there’s a new antimicrobial liquid that has been used to painlessly stop the progression of cavities? It’s called silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, and it goes under the brand name Advantage Arrest. It’s been used in Japan for decades now, but was only recently introduced into the US in the last few … Continue reading “Silver Diamine Fluoride vs. Cavities”

Why Can’t Humans Grow New Teeth?

Most adult humans have 32 teeth: 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, 8 molars, and 4 wisdom teeth (which most people need removed). Unlike certain other animals, however, we can’t grow new teeth once baby teeth fall out and our 2nd set of teeth, our permanent teeth, have grown in. Today, our team at Sullivan … Continue reading “Why Can’t Humans Grow New Teeth?”