Fashion Trends in Teeth: Grillz, Fangs & More!

Boy with gold grill

From grillz to tooth gems, dental accessories are the hot new fashion trend. Made popular by celebrities like Beyonce, Madonna, and Ryan Lochte, these accessories are definitely attention-grabbing, but don’t forget they could affect the health of your smile as well.


First popularized by rappers in the 1980s, grillz have recently made a comeback. While these grillz can add interest to your smile, they can also damage your teeth and gums. If you choose to wear a grill, here are some things to consider:

  • Fit: Ill-fitting grillz can wear away at your enamel and gums.
  • Clip-on vs. Permanent: Most celebrities wear clip-on grillz that cause less damage because they can be easily removed.
  • Price: The best grillz are made to fit your mouth just like braces would; a discounted grill may lead to much higher dental bills down the line.


Many people are fascinated by stories of vampires. Popular in Japan, fang veneers are one of the hot new dental fashion trends. Unlike grillz, this change is usually permanent.

Tooth Gems

Small glittering gems, like Swarovski crystals, are bonded to one of your front teeth for maximum sparkle. Gems can be either drilled in permanently, glued on using dental grade adhesive, or for a less permanent solution, gemstone kits are readily available for home use.

Tooth Tattoos

Tooth art is becoming increasingly popular. Designs are laid on top of your enamel and the possibilities are endless. Unlike the other teeth fashions we’ve looked at, teeth tattoos pose little damage to your teeth and gums.

Before you decide to make any permanent changes to your teeth, give our office a call. All of us at Sullivan Family Dental want to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. And don’t forget, healthy teeth never go out of style!

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