Fun Ways to Drink More Water

Is it possible that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration? Are you one of them?

Dehydration is not just bad for your body…it’s also bad for your oral health. Water strengthens your teeth, keeps your mouth clean, fights dry mouth, and is also calorie-free! Here are fun ways to drink more water.

Keep Water on Your Desk

If you have a desk job, keep a bottle on your desk and keep it filled! You don’t need to keep buying bottles of water though, you can reuse one or even buy a stainless steel reusable bottle to keep on your desk. Making water bottles uses more than 17 million barrels of oil annually and about $1 billion worth of plastic is wasted each year! By keeping drinking water handy, you are more likely to stay hydrated.

Drink a Glass Before Dinner

Drinking water before dinner can help you lose weight and stay hydrated. When you drink water before you eat, you fill up faster, and consume fewer calories. Having water before dinner is also a good time to check-in and see if you’ve been drinking enough water that day.

Drink Water for a Better Complexion!

If your oral health isn’t a strong enough reason to drink more water every day, then drink water for your complexion! The evidence about wether drinking 96 ounces of water a day will help your skin is inconclusive, we’re still pretty sure that drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will make you glow.

If you find water boring, then jazz it up with some fresh fruit or mix it with a little bit of juice. Not too much juice though, because most juices are full of sugar and that’s bad for your teeth!

For great oral health, call Sullivan Family Dental today! We can’t wait to help you achieve a happy and healthy smile. If you have any ideas of how to stay hydrated every day, then share your ideas with your friends and family so they can stay hydrated!