What You Should Know About Halloween Candy

Ghosts, vampires, pumpkins, and bags filled with trick-or-treat loot – it enough to give me the shivers! Especially when we think about the damage all those sugary-sweet treats will do to our patients’ teeth, both adult and child alike. It’s not just the kids who will enjoy those treats, parents too! 62% of parents admit … Continue reading “What You Should Know About Halloween Candy”

How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

There’s nothing quite like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. While everyone (even your dental team at Sullivan Family Dental) can overlook the occasional sweet indulgence, we all also know that sugar, like many good things, should be enjoyed in moderation. Why is sugar a bad thing for teeth? Sugar and saliva … Continue reading “How Much Sugar Is Too Much?”

Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

At Sullivan Family Dental, we want to make sure you’re developing healthy oral hygiene habits at home. After all, a little bit of preventive care can limit or eliminate a wide range of dental issues. From brushing twice daily and flossing regularly to limiting your intake of sodas, sweets, and other foods that cause cavities, … Continue reading “Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum”

Top Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

The very first thing people notice about you is your smile. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, essentially all Americans (99.7%) consider a smile to be a pivotal element in social situations. And the color of your teeth is one of the first things people remember about your smile. Luckily, the color of … Continue reading “Top Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth”

How Stress Impacts Your Dental Health

Stress is a part of everyday life but too much stress can have adverse effects on your health…even your oral health. Yes, stressing out over work, finances, or things that just didn’t go right in your day can cause problems with your teeth and gums! Sores in Your Mouth/Canker Sores If you are stressing out … Continue reading “How Stress Impacts Your Dental Health”

Fashion Trends in Teeth: Grillz, Fangs & More!

From grillz to tooth gems, dental accessories are the hot new fashion trend. Made popular by celebrities like Beyonce, Madonna, and Ryan Lochte, these accessories are definitely attention-grabbing, but don’t forget they could affect the health of your smile as well. Grillz First popularized by rappers in the 1980s, grillz have recently made a comeback. … Continue reading “Fashion Trends in Teeth: Grillz, Fangs & More!”

The Best Teeth-Friendly Lunches for Kids

For growing children, every meal is important. Preparing a healthy, delicious lunch for your kids can be especially difficult for some parents, since it’s usually packed and eaten on the go but still needs to provide nutrition. At Sullivan Family Dental, we understand that, and we are committed to providing solutions for maintaining great oral … Continue reading “The Best Teeth-Friendly Lunches for Kids”