Our Favorite Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Kids

With the holidays just around the corner, your children have probably already sent Santa Claus their wish list filled with toys, games, books and… oral care supplies? While maybe not at the top of their list, tooth-friendly holiday gifts are a great way to get kids excited to take care of their teeth. Not to … Continue reading “Our Favorite Tooth-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Kids”

Is Thumbsucking Bad for Teeth?

Although most children stop sucking their thumbs between the ages of two and four, thumbsucking may have already taken a toll on their pearly whites. Thumbsucking is an absolutely natural reflex for infants that sometimes carries into toddlerhood, preschool years, and beyond. Will Thumbsucking Cause Only Cosmetic Dental Damage? The effects of thumbsucking are far … Continue reading “Is Thumbsucking Bad for Teeth?”

Four Helpful Tips for Teaching Kids About Oral Health

Most kids learn lessons all day long – only some of which they’re actually excited to learn. Teach a child a popular sport or how to make cookies, and you’ll receive full attention. Teach a child to eat vegetables or to take a bath, and you’ll likely receive complaints plus some rejection. Unfortunately, oral health … Continue reading “Four Helpful Tips for Teaching Kids About Oral Health”

Fun Ways to Drink More Water

Is it possible that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration? Are you one of them? Dehydration is not just bad for your body…it’s also bad for your oral health. Water strengthens your teeth, keeps your mouth clean, fights dry mouth, and is also calorie-free! Here are fun ways to drink more water. Keep Water … Continue reading “Fun Ways to Drink More Water”

5 Oral Health Tools Every Woman Should Own

Your smile is important to you. Oral health care is not only a necessary component of your beauty routine, but it is also a crucial factor in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Sure you brush and floss, but are you missing something? Here are 5 important oral health tools every woman should own.  1. … Continue reading “5 Oral Health Tools Every Woman Should Own”