3 Easy Tips to Save up for Cosmetic Dental Care

When you have a goal in mind, all you need is a plan of action to execute it. If you’re ready for some cosmetic dental care to improve your smile and your confidence, but you don’t have means to yet, then here are some ways that you can start working towards your cosmetic dental care. We’ve outlined some easy tips for saving up so you can get the smile of your dreams!

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1. Track Your Purchases

When you go out for a work lunch every week, or grab a coffee during an energy slump, you’re probably not aware of how much this impulsive spending is costing. Ok, we know that almost no one keeps a check register anymore, so how are you tracking your spending?

If you’re detail-oriented and meticulous, you could use an Excel spreadsheet to list all of your regular bills, then track your out-of-pocket spending. For the rest of us mere mortals, you may want to track your spending using a free service that automatically categorizes your purchases. You can find many of these easy to use services, such as Mint.com or You Need a Budget (YNAB). These services will really break down where your money is going, and will help you become more aware of your frivolous spending. Wouldn’t you happily give up a couple of lattes a week to get the smile of your dreams?

2. Sell the Things You Don’t Want Anymore

In the television show “Clean Sweep,” the host makes participants take all their home possessions and divide them into three categories: keep, sell, and toss. Do a sweep of your own home and find things that you really don’t want anymore, but know you could make some money off of. Decluttering plus working towards a healthier and prettier smile? That’s two birds with one stone!

3. Get a Separate Savings Account

Set up a savings account for a very specific goal, such as the cosmetic dental care you’ve been wanting. Watching your savings grow with your beautiful smile in mind will keep you motivated and on track. You can measure your progress towards your goal and you’ll be able to calculate how long you have until you achieve it.

Finance With carecred

If something about your smile is really bugging you, and you can’t wait to get the cosmetic dental care that you know will make you feel better, then consider an option like CareCredit. CareCredit is a financing program with no up-front costs that allows you to spread your payments out over time. You get a window of interest-free payments, depending on which terms you qualify for, and it can be used for both cosmetic and preventive dental care!

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