Signs You Need a Dental Implant

Brunette woman smiles into a handheld mirror after getting a dental implant

Do you find yourself avoiding pictures or hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed about missing or damaged teeth? If so, our team can help. While we offer multiple restorative treatments for missing teeth, today we want to focus on dental implants. If any of these situations apply to you, give us a call to schedule a consultation at Sullivan Family Dental!

1. You Are Missing a Tooth (or Teeth)

Dental implants are a versatile treatment that restores the look and function of missing natural teeth. Our dental implant treatment has several steps: first, we’ll make sure your jawbone is strong enough. Then we’ll surgically implant a titanium post in your jaw. Once healed, the post will act as an anchor for a custom-created dental crown. We design each crown to match your natural teeth so no one but you will know the difference!

2. You Need a Tooth Extracted

When it comes to damaged or decayed teeth, our preference is to save your natural tooth. However, sometimes the damage is too severe to do so. So whether your tooth is damaged beyond repair by decay or trauma, or negatively impacting your oral health for another reason, a tooth extraction can sometimes help restore your health. However, extracting a tooth will leave you with a gap in your smile. Once the extraction site has healed, our team may recommend a dental implant to restore your smile.

3. You Dislike Your Dentures

Dentures have their pros and cons. For some, the cons outweigh the pros. If you’re frustrated with applying dental adhesive or caring for your dentures, consider dental implants. Implants are permanently attached to your mouth. You can get dentures that are permanently fixed onto implants or removable dentures that click onto implants.

4. Your Face Appears Sunken-In

Losing a tooth (or teeth) not only impacts the way you talk and chew, it can alter your appearance. Over time, you may notice a sunken-in appearance where teeth are missing. Without the tooth, there’s nothing to support your lips or jawbone in that area, and neighboring teeth may shift into the space. A dental implant can prevent these issues.

Replace Missing Teeth at Sullivan Family Dental

Dental implants can allow you to eat with ease, speak confidently, and feel comfortable showing off your smile again. To ask our team any questions about our other dental services or schedule your dental implants consultation, call us today!