Stress-Free Dental Visits for Kids

Curly-haired boy stands calmly in an ohm position due to relaxing dental sedation

At Sullivan Family Dental, we want all of our patients to feel as calm and relaxed as possible so they can have an enjoyable dental visit with us. We understand that dental visits can be scary for patients of all ages, but that kids are especially prone to feeling uneasy in the dentist’s office. Here are some tips to help your child have a less stressful time at the dentist!

Talk About Dentistry in a Positive Light

When it comes to keeping kids calm in the dental chair, we always recommend framing dentistry and dentist appointments in a positive way. Avoiding words like “drill,” “hurt,” and “painful”. Instead, focus on how important dental care is and how great their teeth will feel once they’re squeaky clean. You may also find that getting picture books or toys related to dentistry can help the topic become more familiar and less foreign to your child.

Plan a Fun Activity Post-Treatment

We’re not saying that you should bribe your child, but we do believe that associating the dentist with positive experiences can be great for both kids and adults alike! For example, taking a trip to the park or playing their favorite video game after their visit can give your child something to look forward to and focus on during their treatment. Adults with dental anxiety can even benefit from planning fun things around their dental visits to help keep some of their anxiety at bay.

Keep Things Open and Honest

Our team is happy to talk to kids about their oral health, explain our tools and procedures, and answer any questions they may have. If you believe that talking with our team about the importance of dental visits will help your child have a better time in our office, all you have to do is ask! We’ll be happy to speak with them. Sometimes kids are just uncertain about the unknown. If the time is taken to explain what will happen during their appointment in a child-friendly way, it may help to ease their anxiety.

For additional information about reducing your child’s dental anxiety, please contact our team today!