Veterans Day Volunteer Dentistry Day

Blonde woman in a military uniform smiles as she embraces her young son on Veterans Day
Veterans Day is a time when we honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces and for our country. At Sullivan Family Dental, we are proud to support our veterans!

What Is Veterans Day Volunteer Dentistry Day?

In honor of Veterans Day, Sullivan Family Dental was closed to the general public. To show our support and admiration for veterans, we worked closely with Veterans Community Project to establish Veterans Day Volunteer Dentistry Day during which we provided free dental treatments such as dental cleanings and checkups to veterans in and around our community. It was an honor to serve those who have served our country.

What Is the Veteran Community Project?

Founded by a group of combat veterans in Kansas City, MO, the Veterans Community Project is an organization that is dedicated to supporting veterans by achieving the long-term goal of eliminating veteran homelessness nationwide. To this end, they have created a community of transitional tiny-homes in the greater Kansas City area, which provides housing stability and onsite services such as mentoring, counseling, case management, and others to address the underlying cause of the veteran homelessness. These tiny homes are built by veterans for veterans and provide veterans with a sense of security and privacy and the chance to reintegrate comfortably at their own pace. Check out their website to get involved with this amazing organization.

Thank You!

We express our sincere gratitude for all members of the military community and their families. Thank you for your countless sacrifices and immense courage.

Compassionate Care at Sullivan Family Dental

Dr. Angela Sullivan and our entire team are focused on providing our patients with comprehensive, personalized dental care in a relaxing environment. We strive to treat every patient with respect and dignity, and are here to educate and guide you through any treatment and procedure. If you have any questions about Sullivan Family Dental, Veterans Day Volunteer Dentistry Day, or would like to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Westwood, KS, contact us today.