Should I Get Dental Implants?

Brunette woman in a white t-shirt smiles against a blue wall with dental implants

Do you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth? You might feel self-conscious when smiling or experience difficulty eating. While partial and full dentures are a great solution for some patients, there is another excellent tooth replacement solution: dental implants. Read on to learn why you should consider dental implants.


In terms of aesthetic appeal, dental implants look and feel similar to real teeth because of their stability and careful design. In fact, nobody will even realize that your dental implant isn’t a real tooth.

Normal Speech

Your teeth play a vital role in your speech. Depending on the location of your missing tooth, you may notice that you can’t pronounce certain sounds normally, which can make it frustrating to express yourself. Dental implants make it so you can speak without hindrance.

Stress-Free Eating

Besides talking, your teeth are also necessary for you to bite, chew, and grind food. With dental implants, you can enjoy eating a variety of foods.

Maintain Facial Shape

Teeth maintain the shape of your face and transfer forces to your jaw that keep it strong. When you’re missing teeth, it can alter your face’s shape and lead to shrinkage of your jawbone. Often, these changes in facial shape cause you to look older than you are. Fortunately, if you choose dental implants, you can maintain the shape of your face, which will help you keep a younger-looking appearance.

Prevent Teeth From Shifting

If you lose a tooth, your neighboring teeth can shift from their original positions into the gap. A dental implant provides a barrier to prevent this migration.

Consult with Our Team!

A dental implant is a realistic-looking replacement tooth that can improve your appearance and restore function after the loss of a natural tooth. Schedule an appointment with our team to discuss if dental implants are right for you. Contact Sullivan Family Dental, your family dentist in Westwood, KS.


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